What smart thermostat should you buy?

Our electricians spend their days installing the best smart heating controls across homes in Sutton Coldfield, Castle Bromwich, Solihull & Birmingham. So they have some experience with smart thermostats. Our electricians have compiled a list of the top smart thermostats available for different budgets by comparing features, confirming warranties, and comparing pricing.

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Smart Heating Controls in Sutton Coldfield

You'll be divided into one of two groups, with a recommendation for each: 

1) I'm looking for the best smart thermostat and don't have a certain budget in mind. 

2) I want a high-quality smart thermostat, but I don't have the budget for the most expensive.

Which Smart Thermostat Should You Buy?

The BEST Smart Thermostat – NEST

The Nest 3rd Generation Smart Thermostat has the following features: 
  • It's pricey, at roughly £250, but the total bundle is well worth the money. 
  • In our opinion, this is the most attractive thermostat.
  • Has a variety of connectivity choices, including tablets, Alexa, and mobile devices, as well as Google Home Wireless, so you can move it about your house using a Nest stand. 
  • It has almost 2,000 online reviews, making it one of the most popular smart home items in the UK.
If you have no budget and want the best of the best, the Nest 3rd Gen is the way to go. Interested in getting a Nest installed message us through our contact form and we can book you in for a smart thermostat installation! 

The BEST CHEAP Smart Thermostat - Honeywell T6 Smart Thermostat 

The Nest smart thermostat isn't cheap, to be sure. our electricians strongly recommend the Honeywell T6 if you're searching for one of the best smart thermostats for under £150. 

The truth is that a good product does not have to cost £200 or more. The T6's biggest drawback is that it is wired. You won't be able to move it around your house because of this. But, at roughly £100 less than Nest, we suppose it's a little price to pay.

We like Honeywell as a brand, and their T6 is:

  • Well designed, Unlike some other thermostats that cost a lot more (remember, you have to look at this thing every single day!)
  • Incorporating some amazing features, such as location-based temperature management via smartphone monitoring (it will turn off your heating when you leave home, and switch it on as it senses you returning)
  • There are numerous smart home connecting solutions available, including Apple Homekit, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT.

There are less expensive smart thermostats available. The Salus IT500 is one such example. However, in terms of aesthetics, connectivity options, and functionality, we prefer the Honeywell T6 for an extra £35-40. If you are interested in having a Honeywell T6 installed, please contact us using our contact form and we will schedule you for a smart thermostat installation!

Do you have any further questions about which smart heating control to purchase?

If this is the case, please contact us as soon as possible by phoning 07929246802 or sending us a quick message via our contact form, and we will respond as soon as possible. Our NICEIC accredited electricians cover Castle Bromwich, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, and Birmingham.