How to make your home more eco friendly in 2022!

Improving your home in 2022 will allow you to include the most recent technological advancements, including eco-friendly features. Consider these five ways to make a home more energy-efficient if you're upgrading in 2022. Including one or more of these in your home will be beneficial to the environment — and will most likely be beneficial to you as well.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Point in Birmingham

How to make your home for energy efficient

1. Improve Insulation 

Today's homeowners can utilise a variety of insulation types and grades in their homes, and many of these are far more effective than previous methods. Upgrading to high-quality insulation is not a visible improvement in the home, but it is felt. 

Good insulation will assist keep your home at a steady temperature throughout the day and night, as well as reduce draughts. You'll also save money on your utility costs whenever you turn on the heat or air conditioner. Most of the time, the savings you achieve over the life of your home will outweigh the additional expense of higher-end insulation.

2. Install High-Efficiency Windows

Following insulation, the next important energy-related consideration is replacing the windows in your new home. Windows conduct a substantial amount of heat transfer, and installing high-efficiency windows can reduce the amount of heat or cooling that passes through the glass. This is yet another update that can result in significant energy bill reductions over time.

3. Set up a Smart Thermostat

Even while you're not at home, a smart thermostat allows you to precisely control your house's heating system. The smart thermostat can provide more comfort by heating your home shortly before you arrive. It can also help you save energy by regulating your home's specific temperature settings. Professional domestic electricians can provide a stress-free and easy installation of a smart thermostat; use the information below to contact Camlec.

4. Think about Solar Panels 

Consider having solar panels installed on your home's roof or in your garden for the utmost energy efficiency. Your home will not only use green electricity, but it will generate it as well. If you generate more solar energy than you need, you can frequently sell it back to your local utility provider. 

As specialised electrical contractors, we can provide you with a detailed summary of what solar panels will do for your home, based on its specific location, size, and other considerations. Contact us right now!

5. Think about installing an electric vehicle charging point

Consider hiring a professional electrical contractor to install EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations to expand your energy-saving efforts beyond the home. If you own an electric vehicle, an electric car charging station will allow you to swiftly recharge your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle!

Make your home more eco-friendly...

Homes are becoming more energy-efficient by the day, and there are numerous ways to improve your home's efficiency. Use some of these suggestions, and both the environment and you will profit. If you want to discuss how you may make your home in Birmingham, Castle Bromwich, Solihull, or Sutton Coldfield more environmentally friendly, contact our electricians today.