5 Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring in Your Home

It's easy to take the comfort of electricity in your home for granted as a homeowner, but what happens when the electrical wiring fails? Remodelling an older home may be difficult, especially when the majority of the work is hidden behind walls. When it comes to older homes, the likelihood of improper or faulty electrical wiring or wiring that has to be updated increases dramatically. Schedule an appointment with our skilled electricians in Birmingham,  Castle Bromwich, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield. If you are concerned about the wiring in your home and would want the advice of an expert give us a call on 07929246802.

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5 Signs of Bad Electrical Wiring in your Home

Domestic electrical wiring problems are fairly common given the age of UK homes. Are you concerned that your home may be in danger? Here are five red flags that you may have faulty wiring.

1. Fuses frequently tripping

Fuses tripping are not rare. That is precisely why we have them—to cut off the flow of electricity when the circuit is overwhelmed. If, on the other hand, fuses are often tripping, the first step is to limit the number of devices connected to the circuit. The fuse board will be replaced next. If neither of these solutions works, the wiring should be investigated to avoid a fire threat. It's also possible that the circuit is being overloaded by too many high-energy devices.

2. Flickering lights  

Watch for lights that flicker, buzz, or dim. When you connect a device and the lights fade, this indicates that the electrical current is not flowing properly. Also, pay attention to any light switches that buzz when you turn them on—this is a major red flag.

3. Hot electrical sockets 

Because faulty wiring sends too much electricity to sockets, keep an eye out for hot, darkened, or scorched electrical sockets. This could be an indication of an energy leak, which is heating up the wires and the socket. This surge of energy has the potential to fry appliances or, if severe, to start a fire.

4. Frayed or chewed wiring 

If you detect frayed or chewed wiring, your concern should beyond the presence of rodents in your home. The electrical circuit is open when the protective plastic covering is damaged, exposing the wires inside. This allows electricity to arc, potentially resulting in deadly electrical shocks and fires.

5. A burning or smoky smell

If you smell burning or melting plastic near a socket, it means that the wire has already caught fire. Unplug everything from the socket and immediately contact a certified electrician to assess the wiring. If you need an electrician in Birmingham, Castle Bromwich, Solihull or Sutton Coldfield use the button below and get in touch!

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