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Smart Thermostat Fitters in Solihull

Want to gain more control over your heating? Installing a smart thermostat will help you do that! If you are not sure where to start, call our friendly and professional team on 07929246802 and we will be happy to guide you through choosing the right smart thermostat for you and your home. 

Smart Heating Control Installations in Solihull

With smart thermostat becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, our team here at Camlec now specialise in installing a range of smart controls. We are fully trained and qualified to install a range of thermostats including those from Nest and Hive, making it the ideal solution if you are looking to take control over your heating. 

Why Should You Install Smart Heating Controls?

Smart thermostats are greatly known for helping reduce your energy bills. You will be able to track how much heating you are using and if there are sudden increases, you will be notified of these too. With many additional features available too, you can access your settings from any device wherever you are. 

How do Smart Heating Systems reduce your Energy Wastage?

Not only do they give you better control over your heating, but they also send you notifications if you are using energy that you don't need by:

- Detecting whether you are at home or not

- Adjusting to the weather to avoid overheating during warmer days

- Monitoring and learning so it can learn your routine and adapt to your home

Want to speak to a professional electrician in Solihull?

Our team across Solihull is available to speak to you, simply call us on 07929246802. We have installed many smart thermostats throughout Solihull and you can browse through our work by heading over to our gallery page.

We hope you choose Camlec for any smart thermostat installation services that you may require. 

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