5 EV Myths Busted

Our NICEIC-approved electricians have a wealth of experience in assisting individuals to charge their electric cars (EVs), and we've seen a plethora of misunderstandings regarding EVs emerge over the years. It's time to address some additional myths. Here, we look at some new falsehoods that have been circulating and refute them as thoroughly as we can! 

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EV Charging in Birmingham

EV Charger Myths

Myth 1: We need to use credit cards to pay  BUSTED

Some individuals believe that credit cards are the only payment option at EV charging points. Although credit card readers will soon be required at public charging stations in several nations, cards are far from the sole payment option available.

Myth 2: There aren't enough low-cost EV options  BUSTED

A few years ago, affordable Electric car alternatives may have appeared to be restricted to eccentric vehicles with less than 100 miles of range. Now that automakers have greatly increased their offerings, it is possible to gain hundreds of miles of range for less from cheap models such as the Renault ZOE, Nissan LEAF, Kia e-Niro, and others. The diverse lineup of new 2021 EV vehicles truly has something for everyone.

Myth 3: We need fast charging everywhere  BUSTED

It's always wonderful to discover a new fast EV charging point, and quick charging plays a crucial role on lengthy trips or when you're in a rush.   However, the UK has a long way to go before all drivers, especially apartment dwellers who require on-street charging, can charge conveniently at home or work. Policymakers across Europe are advocating for an expanded fast-charging network to help EVs until this ideal situation becomes a reality. People will continue to buy more electric cars as we add more chargers at home, work, and in public places, and the ratio of chargers to electric vehicles will eventually even out.

Myth 4: There are too many EV charging networks  PARTIALLY BUSTED  

We'd all like to be able to charge our electric cars wherever we go. However, not every charging station on the market is connected to the same network. So, what should an EV driver do? Take heart: charging companies are attempting to open up networks and establish peer-to-peer roaming arrangements.

Myth 5: Electric vehicle batteries are terrible for the environment PARTIALLY BUSTED

People sometimes believe that the environmental costs of EV batteries exceed the benefits of driving an electric vehicle. While it takes around a year for EVs to offset the environmental impact of their manufacturing materials, they nonetheless bring a significant environmental advantage over time. Batteries, unlike oil and gas, can be reused for grid infrastructure or backup power, as well as recycled to manufacture additional batteries.

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