Fuseboard Upgrades in Birmingham, Castle Bromwich, Solihull & Sutton Coldfield.

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Fuseboard Upgrades

Fusebox upgrades 

The installation of fuse boards takes up a significant portion of our workload. One of the main reasons for installing a dual RCD fuse board is to comply with 18th edition standards, which dictate that every circuit buried less than 50mm in a domestic property's wall requires 30 Ma RCD protection. It was formerly necessary for outdoor showers and electrical outlets. 

We use Hager & other fuse boards, and once the job is over, we issue the NICEIC installation certificate, which is in PDF format and can be emailed or saved to a computer. We also keep copies, which are also backed up, in case they are needed in the future.

Now that we are working to 18th edition rules, we can offer surge protection on consumer units, protecting the installation from lighting strikes and overcurrent surges.

What is a Fuse Board? 

A fuse board, also known as a fuse box or an electricity board, is a safety device that acts as a gatekeeper for any energy entering a building, whether commercial or residential.

It has a sequence of RCDs (residual current devices) that correspond to different components of the electrical system in the building. For instance, you might have a separate RCD for your lights, a separate RCD for your downstairs power outlets, a separate RCD for your electric oven, and so on. 

The RCD's purpose is to disconnect power when there is an excessive draw of power, indicating that a defect has occurred. This ensures that no one is hurt.

When might you replace your fuseboard? 

If you have an old fusebox (fuseboard) with rewireable fuses or old cartridge style fuses in your house or business, it's probably time to switch to one of the latest metal-backed fuseboxes (consumer units) with RCD protection and microcircuit breakers (MCBs). Making this alteration will provide your property and those who live there with far more protection from fire and electrocution.

Why Should My Fuse Box Be Replaced?

Upgrade your electrical system, replace an obsolete fuse board, such as one with a metal box, or replace a damaged fuse board are the three major reasons for replacing your fuse board. 

If your fuse board is not very old, the main reason you would want to upgrade is if you wanted extra capacity. This is common when you add home additions or a new high-power electrical device, such as an electric shower.

How long does it take to upgrade a fuse board? 

This is a difficult question. The number of circuits involved is the most important factor in determining how long it takes to upgrade your old fuse board to a modern consumer unit. The more circuits there are, the longer it takes to remove and replace the fuse board. If there are a greater number of individual circuits, testing takes a correspondingly longer time. In most domestic houses, changing the fuse board for a modern consumer unit takes less than a full day. 

This time period also includes the subsequent testing. Properties with a large number of circuits and/or outlets on those circuits may require a "long day" to upgrade and test. Obviously, commercial properties and the like can take even longer. But the bottom line is that you could have a much safer home electrical system within a day!

How much mess or disruption will my consumer unit upgrade cause? 

Typically, upgrading a fuse board would not create too much mess because the majority of the mess is contained to one area. Before any work begins that will cause disruption or mess to the building's plastering or fabric, the owner will be notified. Fuseboard upgrades can become more disruptive if the unit needs to be relocated within the property. 

Is there anything customers, should do before the work begins? 

Before beginning work, ensure that all computers (PCs) are turned off. Make sure our electricians have enough workspace around the fuse board, or if it's in a cupboard, make sure we can easily access it.

Benefits of Upgrading Your FuseBoard

 Improved Safety Standards 

Older fuse boards might be a fire danger, putting your family's safety at risk. Upgrading to a safer, easier-to-maintain model will greatly improve your home's safety requirements. 

 Peace of Mind 

Upgrading your fuse board will put you in compliance with electrical standards and increase the safety of your home, giving you peace of mind that everything is working properly. 

 Increased Energy Efficiency 

A fuse board upgrade can help your home become more energy-efficient. Meaning you have appliances that are in good working order & are good for the environment as well as your utility bills.

Why choose Camlec? 

What Makes Camlec different? As you may be aware, we are NICEIC accredited, which means we have undergone all of the necessary training to ensure safe electrical work. We also make certain that all of our work is of the greatest quality and fulfils your specifications. Visit our gallery page to see examples of our previous work.

Do you require a fusebox upgrade quote in Birmingham? 

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