What you should know about electrical safety reports

It's critical to ensure that your home is free of electrical risks for you and your family. We go over what you should know about electrical safety certificates &  how they can make your house safer in our blog. Call 07929246802 to talk with one of our NICEIC trained installers based in Birmingham for further information.

Electric Safety Certificates in Birmingham

Everything you need to know about electrical safety reports

What is an electrical safety report?

An electrical safety report, also known as an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) or a Landlord Safety Test, is something that is done at a certain point to evaluate the safety of a property's wiring. 

Who needs a report on electrical safety? 

Homeowners should have a report done every 10 years, while landlords should have one done every 5 years. This ensures tenants' safety and provides an opportunity to identify any minor issues before they become serious ones.

What are the things that an Electrical Safety Report protects you from? 

The most important thing is to avoid a fire, which can be caused by improper wiring or equipment that has simply worn out and become unsafe. Because a majority of wiring in homes is hidden behind walls and is difficult to inspect, it can become faulty or worn-out without our knowledge. 

Signs that your electrics and wiring need to be inspected:

  • Your fuse box is outdated. It will have a wooden back, iron switches, or a variety of switches if this is the case. 
  • Your cables are covered in black rubber, which indicates that they are quite old. 
  • Even after replacing the bulb and fitting and double-checking everything including the fuse, the light is still not working. 
  • Your light switches are outdated and circular rather than square. 
  • Your sockets are in the skirting boards and are old.

During an Electrical Safety Report, what happens? 

A certified electrician will inspect all of your electrics during the EICR to ensure that they are safe. They'll keep track of their findings and send you a report. 

They'll be looking for: 

  • Electrics that have been subjected to wear and tear or that have become obsolete constitute a safety risk. 
  • Any damage to your home's electrical system.
  • Wiring that does not comply with current safety standards.
  • Any electrical equipment, switches, or sockets in your home that could cause an electric shock. 

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