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We are proud to offer NICEIC-registered electrical services in Sutton Coldfield and nearby regions. 

Camlec's electricians in Sutton Coldfield can assist you with any electrical issues you are having. Consumer unit upgrades, full/partial rewires, EICRs (Electrical Inspection Condition Reports), and lighting installs are all part of our electrical services. If you have any questions about our electrical services or the areas we serve, please call us at 07929246802 and one of our Sutton Coldfield electricians would be pleased to assist you.

Electrcians in Sutton Coldfield

Professional Sutton Coldfield Electricians

Our professional Sutton Coldfield electricians can handle all aspects of electrical work. Camlec provides the following electrical services.

Fuseboard Upgrades

Updating your fuse board is essential to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of your electrical system. Our group specialises in modernising fuse boards to satisfy safety regulations, giving households security and defence against electrical risks.

Solar Panels

Reducing energy costs and carbon emissions are just two advantages of using solar panels to harness the power of the sun. We offer professional solar panel installation, assisting homes in adopting cost-effective sustainable energy solutions.

Electrical Rewiring

The safety of your house may be seriously jeopardised by outdated wiring. We provide expert electrical rewiring services to make sure your wiring complies with modern regulations, improving the dependability and safety of your electrical system.

Electrical Services

Our crew has the precision and expertise to undertake any electrical work, from lighting installations to socket repairs. Our goal is to provide Sutton Coldfield homeowners with superior electrical services that are tailored to their requirements and tastes.

EV Charging Points

The need for EV charging stations is growing as electric vehicles gain popularity. Our expertise lies in installing EV charging stations and offering households effective and simple ways to refuel their electric cars.

Our electricians in Sutton Coldfield will ensure that your home's electrical systems are brought up to current BS7671 regulation standards while doing electrical service upgrades. It is common to replace obsolete rewireable fuse systems with modern circuit breakers and RCBO consumer units. We'll also inspect your wiring to ensure it's up to date and repair any circuits that require it. This ensures the safety of your home's electrical systems, reducing the possibility of electrical shorts and fires. 

Additionally, an electrical inspection should be performed before purchasing a new home or selling your current one. This ensures that the property you're buying or selling meets BS7671 criteria. If the electrical systems are not up to code, we recommend that they be upgraded before the property is sold. 

Benefits of Rewiring Your Home

Rewiring a person’s home or business is one of the biggest electrical tasks our electricians carry out. The team here at Calmec have, of course, done this many times. But what are the benefits of getting your home rewired by our professional team: 

  • Safety purposes: You will have peace of mind that all your electricals are up to date and comply with the most recent regulations.
  • It lowers the chance of a fire: The majority of house fires in the UK occur because of faulty electrics. 
  • You can decide on what new light fixtures and other electrical equipment you need. 
  • You can change the location of your existing plug sockets. 
  • It will improve the overall efficiency of your home, lowering your carbon footprint.

Focus on Quality and Safety

Camlec's electricians in Sutton Coldfield understand the importance of providing excellent service when working on your home's electrical systems. This helps to ensure that the wiring and circuits in your home are safe to use. Our professional electricians in Solihull will always provide you with high-quality craftsmanship, whether we are repairing your electrical systems, upgrading your consumer unit, or rewiring your home.

Why Should You Think About Using Camlec?

Accredited and Experienced

We cannot stress the importance of making sure you hire a professional when it comes to electrical work in your home. It is essential you hire a licensed electrician like our team of NICEIC-accredited electrical contractors. The benefits of hiring a professional electrician are: 

Safety: The work carried out by an NICEIC-accredited individual is guaranteed to be of the highest standard making the structure of your home safe for you. Lets face it, safety regulations are there for a reason! 

Liability insurance: All of our licensed electricians have liability insurance and carry a surety bond. 

Ongoing training: All NICEIC-accredited electricians have ongoing training, to ensure that they are fully aware and up to date in any change to safety regulations. This also means that our team can stay on top of ever-changing, new technologies. 

Save you money: A licensed professional can help save you money. A local Camlec electrician can make sure your property is optimised for energy efficiency, thus saving you money on your bills. 

Shortcuts: The team at Camlec would never take a shortcut when it comes to your electric work. Safety is paramount and any faulty electrical systems can potentially result in a nasty fire. 

Tools: A professional, licensed electrician will have all the necessary tools to carry out any electrical job. 

The team here at Camlec are NICEIC-approved electrical contractors. NICEIC approved stands for the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. This means our electricians have received all of the essential training to perform safe electrical work that we guarantee is completed to the highest of standards.

 If you are still unsure whether to use Camlec, please see the examples of our prior work on our gallery page. In addition to this, the whole team are also members of Verified. Being a member of Verified is a guarantee to you that our qualifications have been checked and our insurance documents are verified. It also means that all of our company reviews are genuine. So you definitely know that you can trust us!

Why Use a Locally Established Company?

We are also a locally-based, small business. There are many advantages to using a local company when it comes to the completion of any domestic or commercial electrical work. Why should you use local? 

Reputation: Our trustworthy, reliable reputation means everything to us. We work on a word-of-mouth basis, so completing all of our work to a high standard is essential for our business. 

Relationship: Each time you require an electrician, the same electrical contractor will be able to assist. There are many benefits to building a great relationship with your local electrician.

Local Area: Because our team at Camlec are familiar with the local area, we can carry out our work more efficiently because we already know which codes and regulations apply to the Sutton Coldfield area. 

Emergencies: As we are local to your area, we are much more likely to be able to attend and assist at an emergency than a national company. 

Cheaper: The prices offered at Camlec are cheaper compared to those of a national company. You are also helping a small, local business!

Hire an electrician in Sutton Coldfield. 

If you need an electrician in Sutton Coldfield or the surrounding areas, please call us at 07929246802 or fill out our contact form, and we will respond as soon as possible. We hope you will choose Camlec for your electrical needs.

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